Alternative Pathway Entry - Associate

Associate Member applicants for alternative pathway entry will evidence:

1. Completion of an Australian Qualification Framework Certificate IV in Employment Services or minimum of a Diploma in an academic discipline related to the field of career.
  • Academic disciplines that are deemed related to the field of career development include:

- Teaching
- Vocational Education and Training
- Guidance
- Behavioural Science
- Psychology
- Counselling
- Human Services
- Human Resources
- Management
- Social Science
- Sociology
- Rehabilitation Counselling
- Training and Development

  • Individuals who have completed academic disciplines not in this list, but considered by the applicant to be related to career development, may have their application considered by the CDAA Membership Committee as an extraordinary case.
2. That they are currently working in the career development profession, and have done so for at least twelve-months immediately preceding the application.
3. Competency in the Core Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners
  • These include:

- Career development theory
- Labour market
- Advanced communication skills
- Ethical practice
- Diversity
- Information and resource management
- Professional practice

  • This requirement is satisfied via a written statement (no more than two pages), by the applicant, describing how the core competencies are understood and/or applied by the applicant.
4. Endorsement from a CDAA Professional, Fellow or Life member (or from the equivalent in another CICA member organisation), of the professional experience of the applicant.

Need help demonstrating you fulfil the core competencies? Download a statement template here.