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Subscription Membership is available to individuals who do not practice in the career development profession but have an interest in being informed of current matters pertaining to career development and/or the CDAA.

Conditions of Membership Application:

  • Members of the CDAA agree to uphold the CDAA Code of Ethics
  • Members of the CDAA agree to abide by the Professional Standards for Australian Career Practitioners.
  • When the application and supporting evidence demonstrates the Subscription Membership criteria, the National Membership Committee will approve the application.
  • A Subscription Membership applicant once approved must pay the membership category fee, or agreement must be reached regarding invoicing, prior to the new membership being activated.
  • The CDAA is committed to the privacy, protection and security of personal information it collects and receives and to ensuring it complies with the Privacy Act 1988 as amended. CDAA Privacy Policy
  • This application for membership is governed by the CDAA Terms of Use and relevant Consumer Law.