Student Membership subscription fees are differentiated for full-time students and those people who are working and studying in a part-time capacity.

CDAA will seek evidence annually of ongoing studies in the career development discipline and whether the study is full or part time in order for Student Members to retain that category of membership.

Student Membership Criteria

Student Member applicants will evidence:

  • Enrolment as a student at a recognised learning institution,
  • Status of full-time or part-time study, and
  • Study in an academic discipline related to the field of career development.Academic disciplines that are deemed related to the field of career development include:
    - Teaching
    - Vocational Education and Training
    - Guidance
    - Behavioural Science
    - Psychology
    - Counselling
    - Human Services
    - Human Resources
    - Management
    - Social Science
    - Sociology
    - Rehabilitation Counselling
    - Training and Development
  • Individuals who are studying in academic disciplines not in this list, but considered by the applicant to be related to career development, may have their application considered by the CDAA Membership Committee as an extraordinary case.

Membership Period - 12 months
Annual renewal date 31 December

Membership Fee
Full-time student $70 (pro rata to 31 December)
Part-time student $140 (pro rata to 31 December)

How to Apply
Applications for Student Membership may be made by completing and submitting the online application.

Already a CDAA Member? Apply to upgrade to Student Membership by completing our online form. To find out more, click here.

The CDAA National Membership Committee considers and approves, declines or seeks further information with regard to Student Membership applications.