Professional Membership Criteria

a) Direct Entry
Professional Member applicants for direct entry will evidence:

  • Completion of a Graduate Certificate in Career Development or Vocational Graduate Certificate in Career Development, and
  • That they are currently working in the career development profession.

b) Alternative Pathway Entry
Professional Member applicants for alternative pathway entry will evidence:

  • Completion of an Australian Qualification Framework graduate degree qualification or higher in an academic discipline related to the field of career development.
  • That they are currently working in the career development profession, and have done so for at least two-years full-time or equivalent duration in the five-year period immediately preceding the application.
  • Competency in the Core Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners.
  • Endorsement from two CDAA Professional, Fellow or Life members (or from two equivalent members in another CICA member organisation), of the professional experience of the applicant.

Read More on Alternative Pathways - Professional

Professional Members are entitled to use the post-nominal PCDAA following their name.

Professional Members are also entitled to use a CDAA logo specifically identifying the member to the Professional category membership with CDAA.

Membership Period - 12 months
Annual renewal date 31 December

Membership Fee
Subscription $335 (Pro rata to 31 December)
Joining fee $85

How to Apply
Applications for Professional Membership may be made by completing and submitting the online application for direct or alternative pathway, as appropriate.

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The CDAA National Membership Committee considers and approves, declines or seeks further information with regard to Professional Membership applications.