Fellow Membership Criteria

Fellow Member applicants will have:

  • Been a Professional Member for at least seven continuous years immediately preceding the date of application, and
  • Accrued a minimum of 150 “points” based on the table below since registration.

Note: the accumulation of these points is additional to the annual continuing professional development requirement, and items claimed in the annual continuing professional development requirement cannot also be used in point accumulation for the purposes of a Fellow Member application.

Professional Development in Career Development Points
National/International Conferences or Training Courses (at least 2 days duration) 4
Workshops/Seminars (full day) 2
Workshops/Seminars (half day – 4 hours or less) 1
Presenting sessions at the above (if not associated with paid employment) 2 per presentation
Contributions to Career Development
Article published in national newsletter/journal 2 per article
Media presentation/radio or TV appearances where the CDAA is clearly promoted 1 per presentation
Book related to Careers 5 per book
Professional Membership of CDAA
Per year continuous membership with good financial standing 2
Leadership within CDAA
National Executive Committee 5
Division Committee 3
National Conference Convenor or committee 5 convenor, 2 committee
Public Officer 3
Newsletter Editor 5
Subcommittee not covered above (National or Division) 3
If award is in Careers field or has a Careers component (which you may need to evidence via transcript) add 5 to each award
Graduate Certificate 3
Graduate Diploma, Masters or Doctorate 5 per award

Fellow Members are entitled to use the post-nominal FCDAA following their name.
Fellow Members are also entitled to use a CDAA logo specifically identifying the member to the Fellow category membership with CDAA.

Membership Period - 12 months
Annual renewal date 31 December

Membership Fee
$335 (Pro rata to 31 December)

How to Apply
Professional Members may apply for Fellow Membership by completing and submitting the online upgrade form.To find out more, click here.

The CDAA National Membership Committee considers and approves, declines or seeks further information with regard to Fellow Membership applications.