Career Development Services

Career development practitioners may:

  • contribute to building a career resilient workforce
  • empower people to self-manage their careers
  • pilot students through the maze of occupation-related data and resources
  • support organisations to address labour and skill shortages
  • facilitate understanding of how life’s jigsaw pieces fit together to reveal a fresh direction and purpose
  • and generally help people to explore, dream and discover opportunities

Career development practitioners can help with a wide range of career development activities including:

  • career planning and decision-making
  • analysing your work-related skills and abilities
  • identifying your work-related values and priorities
  • adjusting your work-life balance
  • researching and selecting learning and training options
  • investigating the labour market
  • job seeking
  • improving your network of contacts
  • identifying or creating opportunities to progress your career
  • marketing yourself for opportunities

Within organisations, career development practitioners use career development methodologies to integrate a range of human resource management practices including:

  • employee attraction, engagement and retention
  • recruitment and selection
  • role profiling
  • learning and development
  • performance review and planning
  • succession planning
  • workforce planning
  • leadership development

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