What is Career Development?


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Work-related needs and preferences evolve and change continuously throughout life. At the same time, the world of work is continuously evolving and adapting to economic, political and social changes.

Career development focuses on enabling people to understand and develop their skills and preferences to manage these challenges, make good decisions about their working lives, and maximise their contribution to the communities in which they live and work.

Career Development is a specific discipline underpinned by accredited qualifications, proven theory and recognised practice. Engaging a career development professional to assist your career journey is like seeking advice from a medical professional for a condition, compared to consulting "Dr Google". Or, engaging a qualified tradesperson to undertake certain repairs, compared to DIY. 

About CDAA Career Development Practitioners

CDAA members are recognised career development practitioners who conform to a Professional Standards Framework and a Code of Practice. Career development practitioners provide services that help people make occupational and study decisions, find career information, plan and manage their careers and plan career transition.

They assist individuals and organisations to prepare for their futures by making informed decisions about career and workforce development.

Career practitioners work in a range of settings including schools, TAFEs, universities, corporate organisations, government agencies, the community sector and private practice. Job titles used by practitioners include - career educator, career counsellor, performance management consultant, rehabilitation consultant, researcher, human resources officer, work experience coordinator, employment services advisor, career coach and youth worker.

Career Development Works:

 The Career Development Works report commissioned by CDAA, provides research and Case Examples of the effectiveness and benefits from investment in qualified, professional career development practices.

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