Webinar: Green Guidance

Our careers are pursued within the world in which we live. This world is changing in a range of ways which are worrying for many of us.

The globe is warming leading to unprecedented heat waves and extreme weather events. But the environment is also changing in a host of other way, many of which are more local, but equally important as global warming. For example, concerns about air quality and its impact on respiratory disease have been on the increase everywhere in the world.

Governments, businesses and civil society across the world are wrestling with these changes, leading to strategies like Net Zero which are trying to mitigate and manage the change.

Why Career Development Needs to Pay Attention to Environmental Change

Given all of this it seems improbable that career development can continue to move forward without seriously engaging with environmental change and trying to do something positive about it. But what?

In this webinar, Professor Tristram Hooley will introduce an emergent strand of thinking which is often described as ‘green guidance’. This approach sets out ideas for how career development practitioners can take account of environmental change in their work and make a positive impact with their clients.

In it he will use the ‘five signposts’ model of career guidance to set out a practical approach that careers professionals can use to start the process of delivering green guidance. 

Presenter Bio:

Tristram Hooley is Professor of Career Education at the University of Derby and the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. He is an internationally renowned speaker, writer and research on career and career guidance who has published 10 books and over 50 scholarly articles and book chapters.

His most recent book was the Oxford Handbook of Career Development which he co-edited with Professor Peter Robertson and Dr Phil McCash. He is currently working on a second editor on The Careers Leaders Handbook which will hopefully be published in autumn 2022. For further information on Tristram and his work please click here.

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New Zealand: 6pm - 7pm

CPD Points: 1 hour
CPD Competency: Ethical Practice

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5/10/2022 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
AUS Eastern Summer Time
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