Webinar & E-Forum Series: Liane Hambly in Action

Join us online this August for a four-part series combining three pre-recorded webinars followed by a live Career Conversation.

You will probably be familiar with Liane Hambly as she has provided workshops for CDAA over the last couple of years. Liane is the Director of Creative Career Coaching (UK)

She is a consultant, author and trainer with over 30 years experience in career development. In 2021, Liane was awarded a fellowship of the Career Development Institute in recognition of her contribution to the field.

This series introduces Liane’s 3-part model for career consultations. Liane provides demonstration of various techniques and provides an assortment of tools and ideas which are directly applicable in your one-to-one work with clients. 

This will appeal to you: whether you are new to career development and want to boost your confidence, or if you are an established career practitioner and want to refresh your ideas, discover new tools and creative techniques. It is aimed at career practitioners who work with any cohort and has specific advice for neurodiverse clients and students.

After watching all three videos please join us for a live discussion on the webinar's content with CDAA SA Division President Eleanor Pannall who will lead the Career Conversation.   

Please note: Workshop 1 is a repeat of her workshop shown last year. If you were registered for last year's event, you will be emailed a discount to use for this series.

Workshop 1: Stage 1 - Establishing Foundations 

  • How to conduct a career consultation when time is limited 
  • How to gain cooperation from a client who doesn’t want to be there 
  • When to ask those deeper questions 
  • How to explain to others what we do 
  • What to do when our questions don’t work
  • How to establish ground rules and make it interesting 

Workshop 2: Stage 2 - Establishing Need

  • Discover questions which are asked by 617 other career practitioners for each aspect of the  career consultation (Liane structures this around the New DOTS model, and Savickas’ Career Construct Theory).
  • How to listen in for high leverage needs which are holding the client back 
  • Learn what to do if someone displays a decision-making style which jars with your thinking (I.e. Decisions based on being rebellious)
  • Learn 5 methods to challenge client thinking. 

Workshop 3: Stage 3 - Addressing Needs

  • Discover 35+ tools (some familiar and some new) for assisting clients with various career needs.
  • Receive an insight into motivational interviewing, NLP, Dialogical work
  • See Liane use various techniques with real clients  

Career Conversation: 
Debrief your learning with Eleanor Pannall (Division President for SA). Come with your thoughts on the overall model as well as the counselling and physical tools introduced.  

Program Details: 

Pre-Recorded Webinars: To be emailed to registrants from Monday, 1 August. 

Live Career Conversation: To be held on Thursday, 18 August from 1:30pm - 2:30pm AEST.

Please consider event timing according to your state:

NSW, QLD, ACT, VIC, TAS: 1:30pm - 2:30pm
SA, NT: 1pm - 2pm
WA: 11:30am - 12:30pm
New Zealand: 3:30pm - 4:30pm

CPD Points: 4 hours
CPD Competency: Communication and Interpersonal Skills

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1/08/2022 - 18/08/2022
Online registration not available.

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