2022 CDAA National Conference

We are pleased to extend a warm CDAA and NSW invitation to all colleagues and stakeholders in the career development community to meet at the CDAA 2022 Sydney Conference.

We of course recognise the uncertainties that COVID-19 places on a face to face event, however in as much as our crystal ball is as accurate as anyone else’s, we believe the value gained from meeting face to face makes planning to attend in 2020 so worthwhile. And if events unfold so as to make meeting face to face unwise, alternative contingencies will be in place. 

The CDAA 2022 National Conference Title is: Career Development Excellence in the New Normal - the opportunity to explore Career Development’s vital contribution to a world living with COVID-19. 

We talked in the CDAA 2019 Conference of “a new paradigm emerging” – we did not realise at that time what was to come! It is almost a cliché, but a reality to be grasped – now more than ever, the work of Career Development Practitioners is critical; in all sectors and with all groups in society. 

Come and learn from the outstanding line up of International and Australian presenters from all sectors of the profession about delivering career development excellence in this new normal of a constantly changing environment. As experienced and respected practitioners and researchers, they will provide insights, solutions and tools to expand your understanding and implement in your workplace. 

The CDAA National Conference is the only national opportunity completely focussed on career development theory and practice with a cross-sectoral perspective. As we meet to learn, be challenged and be inspired by a myriad of national and international thought leaders in one place at one time, we also experience a true sense of belonging to Australia’s Career Development community. 

This is a tax-deductible investment in your own future; the chance to reflect on where the profession is at, where it is heading and what your place will be. And it’s an experience that can’t be had on line or at a local small event. 

For our profession’s stakeholders and suppliers, this is the best investment you can make to develop new business opportunities and renew acquaintances, in one place at one time. 

And in addition to all that professional development and interaction, Coogee Beach Sydney is such an invigorating and lovely place! We hope that you can find some time to dig your toes in the sand or dip them in the water, or be refreshed by a walk on the beach in the sea breeze! 

We look forward to welcoming you to the CDAA Conference in May 2022! 


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12/05/2022 - 14/05/2022
Crowne Plaza Sydney Coogee Beach 242 Arden St COOGEE NSW 2034 Australia

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