First four courses online now:

  • Best Practices in Career Education Program Design
  • Contemporary Career Development Theories
  • The 15-Minute Career Conversation
  • Using Technology in Career Development

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Developed by Dr Jason Brown, Dr Michael Healy, and Katea Gidley – leading employability and career development researchers and practitioners, and commended by the CDAA. They take an applied and evidence-based approach to learning and guide you on the implementation of theory into best practice.

The Practice Excellence Program offers a broad range of courses aligned to the key competencies required for professional career development practice. The courses support you to put your learning into practice, which will enable you to achieve improved outcomes for your clients.

careerEDTM offers professional development to anyone providing career guidance in educational settings, corporate organisations, private practice or community and employment services. They are committed to enabling their program participants to offer the best quality career advice - to anyone they support.