Dr Roberta Borgen - Keynote & Workshop Bundle

Dr Roberta Borgen - Keynote & Workshop Bundle
Webinar Recording - Recorded in May 2022
2022 CDAA National Conference

Keynote: Optimising Engagement Amidst Unprecedented Changes

Career-life engagement is achieved through a careful alignment of challenge with available capacity, both individual and contextual. In times of unprecedented and continuous change, optimal engagement can be elusive. Career development professionals play an increasingly important role in the pandemic-related "new normal", helping individuals to sustain optimism, resilience, and wellbeing despite ever-shifting sands.

The Career Engagement model offers a conceptual framework for identifying and addressing factors contributing to an individuals optimal engagement. The two key components of the model, challenge and capacity, have several factors that can each be the focus for career development interventions.

Workshop: Career Development for Diverse Clients: Beyond the Basics

The "new normal" involves living with COVID-19 - but so much more. COVID has amplified pre-existing workplace injustices and inequities. Around the world, a post-pandemic focus has become "building back better".

More than ever, career development professionals need the cultural competencies, wisdom, and grace to effectively serve increasingly diverse clients, helping them to navigate a successful career recovery and to find optimal engagement at work and in their other life roles. Career development professionals also have a key role to play with employers, supporting them to build workplaces where all individuals have the potential to offer their best.

Presenter Bio: Dr Roberta Borgen (Neault), CCC, CCDF, GCDFi, is President of Life Strategies Ltd.; Director of the Psychological Services and Counselling Training Centre and Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada; and Project Director with the Canadian Career Development Foundation.

An award-winning career management specialist with over four decades of relevant experience, Roberta served on Team Canada for the 2006, 2017, and 2019 International Symposia on Career Development and Public Policy in Australia, Korea, and Norway.
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