Dr Candy Ho - Keynote & Workshop Bundle

Dr Candy Ho - Keynote & Workshop Bundle
Webinar Recording - Recorded in May 2022
2022 CDAA National Conference

Keynote: How Career Development Will Save the World

The pandemic was an unexpected global event that underscored the criticality of having a career mindset: both a perspective and an approach that enable an individual to regularly assess their circumstances, strengths, and priorities; purse meaningful work and life opportunities that promotes growth; and remain adaptable and resilient in times of uncertainty.

To be excellent in the 'new normal', we as career development professionals need to help those we serve embrace a career mindset, and as well, adopt it ourselves. This keynote presentation is designed to be informative, reflective, and celebratory.

Workshop: Maximising Career Intervention Through Career Influences

As career practitioners, how can we ensure that our work and impact become long-lasting with our clients, regardless of the number of opportunities that we have to advise and consult each client? Additionally, how can we maximize the time spent advising each client, while effectively continuing to grow our practice without investing in additional resources?

This workshop introduces a systemic helping approach involving Career Influencers, a phenomenon she uncovered in her doctoral research. Numerous studies have found that people are likely to seek career help from those they trust within their personal network, such as family members, co-workers, and teachers. These Career Influencers often informally provide career advice, guidance, and counselling without career development background and training.

Presenter Bio: Dr. Candy Ho is the inaugural Assistant Professor, Integrative Career and Capstone Learning in the University of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada. In this unique capacity, she teaches courses that help students consider their educational and life experiences, and how these experiences can help them achieve their short- and long-term goals, ultimately helping them design the life they want to live.

She also holds teaching positions in Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Educational Studies department and in Douglas College's Career Development Practitioner Program.
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