Navigating Life’s Career Transitions 


Navigating Life’s Career Transitions: Essential Support and Services
Reports and Briefing Papers

In Navigating Life’s Career Transitions, the Career Development Association Australia (CDAA) explains the complexities and challenges of the various career transitions Australians face, outlines how Career Development Practitioners are essential for effective transitions, and puts forward ideas on how to ensure everyone builds a solid foundation in career management skills so they can be “architects of their own future”.

The objective of the report is to explain the scope of career transition work and its relevance to emerging industry and workforce changes, describe examples of effective career development services, outline evidence for the impact of these services, and provide resources to encourage use of career development professionals.

Australians are expected to manage their own career and learning, but this expectation may be unrealistic given contemporary workforce challenges. Many people either don’t know how to manage their career or feel they don’t need to. While no one can literally protect their lives from any future disruption, what people can do is take steps to manage changes effectively.

Career guidance work is not a ‘soft’ option. At its heart is the idea of an active, engaged person who is guided to determine their own direction and choices. The person-centred focus of this work taps highly sophisticated social skills, informed knowledge, and evidence- based resources.

Briefing papers for five specific audiences facing career transitions - Adults, Communities, Employers, Parents & Carers and Policy Makers provide an understanding of why the report’s content is valuable to them. 


Career Development Works - 
Research Evidence and Case Examples 

The Career Development Works report commissioned by CDAA, provides research and Case Examples of the effectiveness and benefits from investment in qualified, professional career development practices.


Inquiry into Workforce Australia Employment Services
CDAA Submission to Inquiry

Productivity Commission 5-Year Productivity Inquiry
CDAA Submission to Inquiry

Jobs and Skills Australia Bill -
CDAA Submission to Bill



Investment NSW Industry Policy – 
CDAA Submission to White Paper 


Jobs and Skills Summit 2022 -
CDAA Submission to Summit