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Australian Defence Force Partner Career Development
Webinar Recordings - Recorded in June 2019

The Defence Community Organisation (DCO) and Defence Families of Australia (DFA) discuss the career development needs of the civilian partners of Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel and how the Partner Employment Assistance Program (PEAP) funds eligible spouses to access professional career services.

According to the 2017 ADF Families Survey, 81% of ADF partners report they have made employment sacrifices... Details
Australian Labour Market Trends
Webinar Recordings - Recorded in October 2018

Ivan Neville, from the Labour Market Research and Analysis Branch in the Australian Government Department of Jobs and Small Business, presents on recent trends in the Australian labour market, including industries and areas in growth or decline.

Ivan draws on analysis and research undertaken within the Department to provide insights from employers on what they are looking for in job seekers, how job seekers can... Details
Australian Labour Market: Who is Most Impacted by COVID?
Webinar Recordings - Recorded in October 2020.

Australia is facing an economic crisis not seen for nearly 100 years, as whole sectors of the economy are enduring ongoing operating restrictions due to the public health response to COVID-19. The labour market has been severely impacted, with hundreds of thousands of people losing employment since March 2020. With growing competition for jobs in an already competitive labour market, knowing what employers are looking for... Details
Beat the Bots
Webinar Recordings - Recorded in June 2017

Don't let HR software screen out the documents of your clients based on formatting, lack of keywords and other things you may not be aware of. This topic presented by Rebecca Herbertson is particularly relevant to those practitioners who are assisting job seekers with online applications as well as making applications to Labour Hire firms and other specialist recruitment agencies.

The change from human eyes... Details
Big Data and Career Development
Webinar Recordings - Recorded in November 2019

In this joint CDAA and CDANZ webinar, the University of Southern Queensland's Jennifer Luke looks at sourcing and contextualising data to develop and integrate successful career services in the community.

Fundamental to strengthening a community’s workforce is to support individuals in taking charge of their career development and engagement through ongoing strategic career management; of which a successfully... Details
Careers of Flexible Knowledge Workers in IT
Webinar Recordings - Recorded in August 2019

Learn how flexible knowledge workers in IT navigate their careers. Traditionally, we assume those who work flexibly (part-time or teleworking) or those who take sabbaticals might expect poorer career outcomes. But this isn’t always true.

Dr Justin Field presents highlights from his research on this topic, revealing which groups suffer from career penalties and which groups command career premiums. Justin also... Details
CDAA National Conference Panel Session 2016
Webinar Recording - Recorded in June 2016

Couldn't make the 2016 National Conference in Melbourne? Hear a panel discuss what they learnt from the conference, and how they will be using it to benefit their practices.

The panel members work in various career practice settings, and each have a different take on the content and how they will apply it in their own situation.
CDAA National Conference Panel Session 2017
Webinar Recordings - Recorded in June 2017

Couldn't make the 2017 National Conference in Brisbane? Hear a panel discuss what they learnt from the conference, and how they will be using it to benefit their practices. The panel members work in various career practice settings, and each have a different take on the content and how they will apply it in their own situation.

The three panellists are Karen Douglas, David Scoppa, and Airlie Bell.

Each... Details
CDAA National Conference Panel Session 2018
Webinar Recordings - Recorded in July 2018

Couldn't make the National Conference in Hobart? Hear our panel discuss what they learnt from the conference, and how they will be using it to benefit their practices. The panel members work with a range of clients in various contexts, and will each have a different take on the content and how they will apply it in their own situation.

The three presenters will be Kate Pardy, Mark Stevens, and Airlie... Details
Challenges and Benefits of Engaging Employers
Webinar Recordings - Recorded in November 2019

In this presentation, Professor Tristram Hooley examines how career development professionals can work with employers and working people to build impactful career development interventions.

There is considerable evidence that suggests how career development services should be best organised. One of the key features highlighted in the evidence base is the importance of engaging young people, and others who are... Details
Coaching and Counselling Through Challenging Transitions
Webinar Recording - Recorded in March 2016

Redundancy, employer bankruptcy, a disability, toxic work environments, bullying, management prejudice (and the list goes on) … mean that some employees are forced to leave their workplace.

What approaches and strategies will make your counselling and coaching most effective for clients experiencing traumatic career transitions?

In this webinar three experienced practitioners, Airlie Bell, Karen... Details
Coaching Immigrants for Australia
Webinar Recording - Recorded in March 2016

Coaching immigrants wishing to gain employment in Australia can require a different approach to individuals who have had previous employment in Australia.

There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into account for these applicants, and providing the right support and guidance is an absolute must if you wish to support people in this area.

Presented by Naishadh Gadani, this is a not to be missed... Details
Copyright - Know the Limits
Webinar Recordings - Recorded in March 2020

In this webinar presented by Amy Bishop from DW Fox Tucker Lawyers, we cover a number of copyright issues that a career development practitioner may face in their practice. This includes measures to protect your copyright through to ensuring you don’t infringe the copyright of others.

If you are creating new content then this webinar is for you. Equally, if you are planning, training, presenting or distributing... Details
Demystifying VET
Webinar Recordings - Recorded in May 2019

This webinar introduces you to the huge range of futures available to people who choose courses in the vocational education and training (VET) sector. Presented by Craig Robertson, CEO of TAFE Directors Australia, the session explores the VET system and the range of courses to suit the career aspiration of many Australians. This introduction to the vocational education and training system will also explain the on-line tools to... Details
Digital Guidance: How to Career Online
Webinar Recordings - Recorded in August 2017

The world is changing all the time. Information now criss-crosses the globe in under a second. We can all feel the changes going on around us but it can sometimes be difficult to pin them down.

In this webinar, Professor Tristram Hooley discusses how digital is transforming the world of work, what it means for people involved in building their careers and how careers professionals should respond. The session... Details
Directorship – Career Option or Exit Strategy
Webinar Recording - Recorded in August 2016

This webinar explores Directorship as a career step rather than an exit strategy. Experience tells us that candidate and coach knowledge of Directorship is limited and often historical in nature.

This webinar covers:

- the benefits of gaining a board appointment;
- how long it might take to be appointed and what you could be paid;
- what five things Chair's look for in successful board... Details
Webinar Recordings - Recorded in February 2019

This webinar presented by Michelle Harvey provides an overview of software applications used in the automation of the recruitment and selection process, and how practitioners can guide job seekers to navigate such technology successfully.

Find out how and why such applications are used, discover organisations adopting these methods, and hear about future trends and current research avenues in this fast-moving... Details
Gamification: What Does it Mean for Career Development?
Webinar Recording - Recorded in August 2016

The use of game concepts in non-game environments is called gamification and is proving a useful strategy in education, training, workforce and career development.

In addition, social media such as LinkedIn is gamifying their user experience to keep us engaged through progress bars, achievement awards, concepts to explore and communities to build.

So, what does this mean for us and our career... Details
Girls Just Want to Get Paid (equally)
Webinar Recordings - Recorded in March 2017.

Join CDAA Professional Member Melita Long to find out how to help your female clients “be bold for change” to obtain the career and salary equity they deserve.

How do we, as career practitioners, help enable full workplace inclusion, gender pay equity and support our female clients to be successful and well paid in their careers? We need to help women plan their careers and learn strategies to address the gender... Details
Good Theory Good Practice
Webinar Recordings - Recorded in October 2020.

This year the Queensland CDAA Division presented an exciting online Good Theory Good Practice event that provides insights into practical applications of career theories, opportunities and career pathways into broadcast media, as well as how best to support clients with modern recruitment and interview strategies.

Unique perspectives are shared by a line-up of wonderful guest speakers who are leaders in... Details
Grow Careers - Self-Help Career Intervention
Webinar Recording - Recorded in April 2016

Develop your understanding of the freely available - Grow Careers resource - for all Australian school communities. For use in career education programs, workshops, career counselling or to quickly locate online resources for answering typical career questions of secondary students and career concerns of parents/guardians, school staff and past students.

The presenter Dr Catherine Hughes is the founder of Grow... Details
Helping Your Clients Win Work in the World of Hiring
Webinar Recordings - Recorded in August 2020

This webinar presented by Gillian Kelly from Outplacement Australia provides career practitioners with a broad focus on e-recruitment hiring trends and its impacts on job search, resumes and LinkedIn.

Gillian shares with us the latest job search tactics related to the ever-changing online world and provide an overview of the rapid shifts in ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) requirements. The content also covers... Details
How Social Media is Being Used to Screen Candidates
Webinar Recordings - Recorded in August 2020

In this webinar, Dan Holman from Check Social talks about trends in social media use and how hiring managers are using data from social and web platforms in the pre-employment screening of candidates.

Dan shows us how a social media check is done via a live demonstration. You get to see what kinds of information hiring managers are looking for and how that information is used in the hiring process. The... Details
How to Work with Millennials
Webinar Recordings - Recorded in September 2018

In this webinar, CDANZ Professional Member Grant Verhoeven teaches you the secrets of how to work effectively with Millennials. Having done more than 740 career coaching sessions with Millennials, Grant has experienced first-hand what it is like to grow and develop the next generation of talent.

For the past five years he has been the Career Development Consultant at Massey University (Wellington, NZ),... Details
Imposter Syndrome
Webinar Recordings - Recorded in April 2019

Imposter syndrome can make a person feel inadequate despite success, with persistent fear of being exposed as a fraud.

This webinar presented by Hugh Kearns from Flinders University covers what imposter syndrome is, how it impacts on people's lives and performance and what people can do about it. It also looks into why career coaches and counsellors should know about it.

Presenter... Details