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Your Career - a platform of the National Careers Institute designed to provide clear and simple careers information and to help people of all ages and circumstances better plan and manage their career.

The National Careers Institute - a front door to careers information connecting people of all ages and stages to information, advice and support to help them find the job or study options that's right for them.

The National Skills Commission - working to develop intelligence on Australia’s labour market, workforce changes and current and emerging skills needs.


More Resources: 

Open Colleges Career Quiz - designed to give you an understanding of your personality and the career areas that you would be best suited to. 

Tips for Mature Aged Job Seekers - If you are mature aged, looking for a job can present a range of unique challenges, even if you have a history of work experience. So how do you sell yourself for a particular job?

Graduate Careers Booklet - designed to help students and graduates understand their skills and attributes through completing a number of written exercises.

Creating a Career Development Plan - The University of York has developed a guide to writing a career development plan, including practical tips and advice for both employees and managers on writing a plan, setting clear objectives, improving productivity, as well as knowledge transfer and retention.


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