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What is our Position on Pointless Jobs?

Posted on 12/06/2024
There is plenty of online advice about finding purpose and meaning in life. But perhaps it’s only career professionals who have stopped to consider the moral questions raised by well paid but pointless work.

myfuture: How is First Nations Success Shaped?

Posted on 23/05/2024
Every culture has core values that shape social structure, and these values are passed on to their children. Wellbeing for the mob comes first – for all of us, not one or some of us. Knowledge is held by many, and resources are shared.

Redesigning How We Listen - Inclusion, Career Guidance and Deaf People

Posted on 9/05/2024
The Deaf community continues to experience marginalisation across both education and employment. But they believe that being more included in career guidance relationships could change their career story. Are we ready to listen?