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If you are unsure about your future and need career advice, then you have found the right place.

CDAA members can help you manage your career, make occupational and study decisions and plan career transitions in a wide variety of ways, including- career coaching, professional resume preparation, retirement planning and much more.

We are confident that our listed members (Professional, Fellow or Life) have the qualifications, skills, experience and knowledge to provide the guidance you are looking for. If your not sure what a career practitioner does then you can read more here.

Please note:-Each member listed is self-employed, they charge a fee for the services they provide. You are encouraged to contact 2-3 members and discuss your needs with them to make an informed decision about who could help you best.

Hint: Refine the search fields below to search for practitioners that; live near you; know the area well; or who can provide you advice by Skype and telephone if that is your preference.   Good Luck with your Career Planning.

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